Mindful Recovery Coach is a NAADAC Approved Education Provider

As a NAADAC Approved Education Provider, Mindful Recovery Coach (Provider #219699) seeks to provide the highest-quality training for addiction recovery professionals and addiction recovery treatment centers. With training that delivers both an impactful, personal transformation for each addiction recovery professional who but unique, fresh perspectives and skills for using with clients, Mindful Recovery Coach is at the forefront of addiction recovery training. Utilizing mindfulness, neuroscience, and cognitive behavioral science, Mindful Recovery Coach education programs give cutting-edge ways of dealing with addiction. However, don't be worried. With a down-to-earth, systematic step-by-step approach, trainees will personally establish the skills for themselves through practice which will give a stronger basis for utilizing the skills effectively with clients. Mindful Recovery Coach training is experiential first with critical theory and practical application added to make it a holistic approach. Once an addiction recovery professional takes education courses with Mindful Recovery Coach, they will understand that training can be different! To find out about upcoming training opportunities see the Mindful Recovery Facilitator Training page.

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Training- Mindfulness for Recovery

Mindful Recovery Coach offers a unique approach to treating challenges including addictions, PTSD, stress, depression, and anxiety.

During these difficult times, people need the tools that can help them deal with whatever arises. With the Mindful Recovery Facilitator Training, we engage in two parts- 1) learning mindfulness practices for personal benefit and 2) learning to lead mindfulness groups.

Addiction treatment centers and addiction professionals can find trusted training with Mindful Recovery Coach, a NAADAC Approved Education Provider (Provider #219699). This training provides not only the professional support you need with 16 CEs (TN Certified Peer Recovery Specialists can now use this training toward recertification) but support your personal well-being by dealing with stress, taking time for oneself, and working on deepening personal connections. Rarely do training opportunities target both the skill of the practitioner and the practitioner themselves.

Not an addiction professional yet or just a person in recovery? You can take the Mindful Recovery Facilitator Training at a reduced price without the CEs. This training can support your growing professional skills or have a positive impact on your personal recovery. Either way, this training is powerful!

With the opportunity of becoming a Certified Mindful Recovery Facilitator, you can increase your ability to help others! Find out more today!


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